The Confidential Advisor Recruiting
   Engage Now and Hire with Confidence 
We always wish you every success!  You have an advocate with us - we use a confidential recruiting approach to work closely with an exclusive set of hiring managers as often as possible.  We go to great lengths to understand your background in detail, to match you with the most appropriate opportunities that you would say yes to.  This personal approach assists job applicants by increasing their access to the "hidden" job market.   

WHY THE CONFIDENTIAL APPROACH? | Are you worried about the confidentiality of your resume or how you will be treated?

After we get to know you better, we try to make the right match by tapping into our network of hiring authorities.  Hiring authorities are the decision makers who have the final say on who to hire.  Our recruiters communicate directly with the decision makers as often as possible, and confidentially on your behalf.   We only divulge your contact details and information to them, after we have presented you with a potential match, and you have given us your approval.  This protects everyone involved. 

We try to inform you of the best matches in a timely manner,  and of job openings we uncover on your behalf, before they are advertised.   Once we have presented your background and a hiring authority has expressed interest in you, we let you know immediately.  Then we schedule a meeting between you and the potential employer.  

As a confidential advisor, we also try to help you prepare for your interview with a potential employer and help you to gain the maximum edge. It's in our best interest to give you the best possible chances against our competition.   We will 
also be here for you during the offer stage and try to negotiate the best offer possible.
The first step towards a positive change. 

The Confidential Advisor LLC is here to help you navigate the market and negotiate your job search.  
Please take a moment to register with us.  

The first step is to fill out the application by clicking on the "REGISTER HERE" button above, or apply for a specific job.  We strongly recommend you use a desktop computer (not a smartphone or tablet) to complete the application for ease.  Having a resume helps us review your experience, so we encourage you to create one and e-mail it to us.

We recruit based on the roles we have available and where we feel we may be able to uncover future opportunities.  If we feel you are a great match for our network, we will contact you to discuss your background in more detail.   We review all applications on a rolling basis and conduct meetings in person or on the phone, as needed.  

When you do speak with a recruiter, be prepared to brag about yourself a little, discuss your background, and describe in detail the next step you are looking to make in your career. 

We do not accept walk-in appointments.  Appointments and interviews are scheduled once we have reviewed your application and resume.  We look forward to learning more about you, and we always wish you every success!