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You can hire with confidence when you partner with the Confidential Advisor LLC.  We ensure that each applicant has gone through an extensive screening process before being presented to a hiring manager. This ensures that neither employers nor job applicants waste time during their prospective searches. 

Why the Confidential Advisor LLC | It's the human factor and the rigorous selection process.  

We know that there are many different agencies out there and it’s hard to know which one to use.  By using The Confidential Advisor, you can only get candidates that have gone through our rigorous selection process, and are excited about the opportunity you have available.  Each candidate has been interviewed before you see their resume and profile.  We recruit each technical and executive applicant using an acute attention to detail, in order to make the proper match.  We also offer on-going support by coaching the candidates and managers through the job search and interview process.  That minimizes surprises for both you and the applicants you want to see, making the hiring process as smooth as possible. 

Our Process | A collaborative approach.    

We use a collaborative approach to make sure that our clients and applicants are in love with their placements.  We have an initial consultation (on the phone or in person) with you to figure out what your needs are.  We will ask about what it’s like to work with you, your company and your team. We will also ask you about the right type of personality that fits in best with your group, as well as the particular challenges your new hire will need to address, and the technical skills your new hire will need to have.  

Once you begin a search with us, we will send you profiles and resumes that include their experience, education and technical background.  You let us know which professionals impressed you, and we will set up interviews.  We will help you with every step, including negotiating compensation and creating a work agreement that helps outline the expectations of the job.  Even after you employee starts working, we will remain in touch and are available to consult on any questions. 

Find Rare Talent |  How do we do it?   

We look everywhere, and use every channel available.  We communicate directly with executive and technical professionals in an effort to target the candidates who do not have their resume posted publicly online and on internet job search boards – as often as possible.  We also get a long list of personal referrals and contacts sourced using the most modern recruiting methods available. Our goal is to represent the kind of people that take their confidentiality seriously, and are adept at keeping their job search activities hidden from their employer.  

Hire With Confidence |  Your image is important.    

By working directly with opportunity-seekers, we protect your brand by not divulging your name until there is a potential fit.  That also ensures that the candidates you hear about have an interested in you. 

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